Training Team welcomes 19 new staff members

Danielle and Patti from Latham Centers’ Training Team are so happy to be working with an impressive June Orientation group! Danielle Kinder, Director of Employee Training & Development, said she and Patti Hynes-Morris have enjoyed getting to know our new staff members during this first week of training/orientation.

“We are thrilled to have new, fresh, and talented members joining our team! June’s Orientation has 19 eager new-hires. Patti and I are excited to see what they bring to Latham’s Children’s and Adult Services Programs. So many veteran staff have volunteered to mentor our new staff and we’re looking forward to an amazing summer season!”  ~ Danielle

Pictured: Danielle Kinder (left) and Patti Hynes-Morris; and images of the classroom-training portion of orientation.

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