Top Ten Reasons to Work at Latham Centers
1. You will not find a better group of adults and children to help. Staff who work at Latham always point to the relationships they have with the adults and children they serve as one of the best things they love about their job. Over time, staff develop a sense of connection and care with our individuals that makes their work truly meaningful and important. At Latham your work is directly changing the world for the better, one person at a time.
2. Latham is an international leader. Latham is one of the few programs in the world that works with both children and adults with Prader Willi Syndrome. Each day our blog, website, Facebook Page, and Twitter feed are viewed from individuals from around the world looking for help. Although we are located on tiny Cape Cod, the work we do is recognized as progressive and innovative.
3. We are a Mission driven team. As an Agency, we are bound together through our focus on achieving a single Mission: Latham Centers compassionately and creatively helps children and adults with complex special needs, including Prader-Willi Syndrome, to lead meaningful, abundant lives. In order to be successful, we must work collaboratively with each other. Working with others who “get it” is comforting and enjoyable.
4. No experience is necessary. Many of our best employees came to Latham as a first step. If you have no formal experience that is alright; in fact, fresh eyes and ears can sometimes be very beneficial to our overall team. All you need is a genuine interest in our adults/children and a true willingness to learn. We provide ample amounts of training for all staff to ensure that they have the tools they need.
5. There is room for advancement if you develop your skills. Our jobs allow for advancement and provide career development in-house. Many of our supervisors, administrators, clinicians and nurses, -started as direct care staff in entry level positions. If you are looking for a job with potential, Latham has opportunities.
6. There are a variety of schedules to fit any lifestyle. We offer full time, part time and substitute positions. For some staff this is their full time profession while others work only one weekend a month. If you have an interest in the work, we can figure out a way to have you join our team.
7. We will help pay for you to go to school. Latham has tuition reimbursement for staff obtaining their undergraduate or graduate degrees. Many of our staff work and attend school at the same time.
8. Dress code is casual. We prefer that you be comfortable. That’s something you don’t hear at most jobs.
9. Paid time off, full benefits and occasionally free donuts. Latham provides reliable and consistent employment. We provide excellent benefits that rival any employer on the Cape. The doughnuts regularly show up at trainings and meetings. Who doesn’t love an occasional free doughnut?
10. You would be doing really, really important work. Latham has a very stable team of employees. The average length of service is six years. One-third of our staff has been here over five years. Employees stay with us that long because they believe the work they are doing is important.
If you feel the need to impact the world around you, then please consider joining our team.

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