Top 10 Reasons Why I Teach at Latham Centers

1. Being part of a multi-faceted approach to the entirety a student’s care and growth.

2. Being part of that approach with a large group of people who are not ego driven, but focused on the kids.

3. Getting to know the students to the level where you can’t imagine life without them.

4. Feeling like I’m part of something that’s of great value to society.

5. Flexibility to try new ideas and develop the ones that work.

6. Being around co-workers who seem to be enjoying what they are doing.

7. Casual dress code.

8. Flexible days off (we won’t mention the year roundedness!)

9. It’s 10 minutes from home (for me anyhow)

10. A sincere feeling of belief in the organization’s stated mission.

Andy Needel
Vocational Teacher

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