TIP of the WEEK: Self Care

The very best gift that you can give yourself this holiday season is self care. Holidays equal stress for every family but add PWS to the mix and stress and anxiety goes off the charts. Here are some things that you can do to take care of the most important person in your life. You.
Schedule time every day for you. Whether it is a bath, going to a coffee shop alone for an hour, listening to your favorite music. Anything that helps you relax. You are not helpful to anyone when your anxiety is high.
Give yourself permission to not do it all. You can’t and trying to will make you miserable.
Getting through the next week in tact means slowing down, promising less, and allowing yourself time to enjoy the small things and most importantly putting yourself first. At least for a few minutes a day.



Patrice Carroll is Latham Centers’ world-renowned Prader-Willi Syndrome specialist. She works with Latham Centers’ residents with PWS, their families and consultants, continuously learning and teaching about PWS best practices. 

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