Tip of the Week: Making connections

Having a child with a complex medical diagnosis such as Prader-Willi syndrome is difficult for the entire family.  The PWS diagnosis inherently means additional medical appointments and the need for support from loved ones and healthcare professionals. One of the best things that parents and guardians can do is to make connections with others who are facing—or have faced—similar situations. PWSA (USA) and New England PWSA are just two examples of resources across the country. If you are on a quest to seek information about the best services for your family, connecting with these PWS Associations and Chapters will undoubtedly help.

 As a provider, Latham Centers works with these associations and chapters regularly. Our National PWS Survey is a great example of how we collaborate within our PWS community to provide the best opportunities and support for people diagnosed with PWS, as well as their families, guardians, and friends. One survey respondent commented, “Thankful for the information you provided. The survey got me thinking about a lot of things I didn’t know existed before taking it!”

To complete the PWS Survey, visit https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/National-PWS-info (and please share with others!)


Patrice Carroll is Latham Centers’ world-renowned Prader-Willi Syndrome specialist. She works with Latham Centers’ residents with PWS, their families and consultants, continuously learning and teaching about PWS best practices.

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