Tip of the Week: Christmastime for individuals with PWS

Jan, mother of a child with PWS, asked a great question this week: “Is it common for individuals with PWS to have high anxiety, increased behaviors, and heightened stealing of material things at Christmastime?”

Thanks for your question, Jan. Yes, it is very typical for kids with Prader-Willi syndrome to struggle at this time of year. Children with PWS thrive in environments that are predictable and routine, when they always know what is next on the schedule and the menu! The holidays are a time of change in routine, a change in who they see every day, and especially a change in the food that they eat. Kids are also very in-tune with our emotions and we can all get a bit hectic and chaotic this time of year. Try to keep somewhat of a structure  every day and if things do have to change, create a daily schedule so your child at least knows what to expect from today.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us for support. Have a very happy holiday!  

Patrice Carroll is Latham Centers’ world-renowned Prader-Willi syndrome specialist. She works with Latham’s residents with PWS, their families, and consultants, continuously learning and teaching about PWS best practices. Do you have questions for our PWS specialist? Submit your “tip” topics or general questions to TipTopics@LathamCenters.org.


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