TIP of the WEEK: The Beauty of the Unknown

I have a very long commute to and from work, 4-5 hours per day and no amount of satellite radio or audio books can deny that that is a lot of time to spend in the car. So recently I have started staying on cape a couple of nights per week to save my mind, body and soul the toll of too many hours spent in the car. So now, instead of spending my early mornings driving, I now spend them here:
Not a bad way to spend a morning! The power, mystery and potential destruction of the ocean is not lost on me but I choose to see its constant change as exciting; her limitlessness and inexhaustibility as inspiring and I wonder why we cannot do this more with our kids. We spend so much time trying to solve their issues to break the cycle of what we think of as bad behavior, extinguishing habits that we consider socially unacceptable. We often fail to see the beauty. That these kids have the endurance to wait for, advocate and insist on something when they want it badly enough, that they can charm and melt the heart of just about anyone and can learn things that people have been telling them were impossible their whole lives. So we can either focus on what is dark and confounding or focus on what makes these kids amazing. I choose amazing.

Submitted by:
Patrice Carroll

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