TIP of the WEEK: Students Helping Students Understand PWS

We had our first meeting last week of a new group facilitated by myself and our assistant principal and what happened next exceeded my wildest expectations. Kids were talking to each other about their behaviors and explaining to staff that ” my mind gets stuck and that’s why I’m having a hard time listening to you right now”. I couldn’t believe the wonderful things that I was hearing! One young man, did an impromptu training of his own in front of the entire class. He explained the syndrome in the way that he understands it and even wrote notes on the board. It goes to show that when we raise our expectations, more often than not, they step up to meet them. It is an honor to be a part of “What is PWS?”. Stay tuned for more updates about this amazing group.
Submitted by:
Patrice Carroll
Manager of PWS Services

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