Tip of the Week: Revisiting expectations

The next few weeks may be a major change for your child, whether your child is going back to in-person learning or they have been in-person learning all along, but other kids are coming back to the school. This would be a great time to revisit your expectations of their behavior using social stories, real-life events with teachable moments, or role-playing. We know that change is hard for everyone – it is especially hard for the person with Prader-Willi syndrome. With practice and preparation, change can be met with success.


Patrice Carroll, Latham Centers’ Director of PWS Services, is world-renowned for her Prader-Willi syndrome expertise. She works with Latham students and residents, their families, and other experts, continuously learning and teaching about PWS best practices. If you have PWS-related questions, we invite you to email TipTopics@LathamCenters.org.

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