TIP of the WEEK: Non-Candy Easter Basket Ideas

Latham Centers
With Easter right around the corner let’s look at how to celebrate without all of the sugar that comes with a typical Easter basket. Here’s what you can put inside of their basket instead:


  • Jump Rope- a perfect tool for exercise and gaining balance skills.
  • Silly Putty Eggs- a great sensory item.
  • Bubbles- another great sensory item that also promotes good deep breathing skills.
  • Pinwheels or Whistles- more good deep breathing items ( wooden whistles have the same effect without the piercing sound).
  • Flower Seeds for Spring Garden- I love this idea because it not only promotes planning and organizing but also gives you the opportunity to spend quality family time together when the snow finally melts!
  • Memory Games- these are an awesome way to improve your child’s memory and executive functioning skills.
  • Legos or Coloring Books Made for Older Kids and Adults- these are fun but also enhance your child’s fine motor skills.

Easter baskets can be fun and interesting without all of the candy. Traditions are important and your child can still participate without the added calories and anxiety that come from a food focused holiday.


Patrice Carroll
Manager of PWS Services


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