TIP of the WEEK: My PWS Resolutions

This year I will try my best to:
1. Spread awareness everywhere I go. Even when it is easier to stay quiet.
2. Teach. Everyday. Understand that problematic behaviors are a result of a lack of skill in that area, not a conscious decision to act out. Teach the skills and the behaviors will decrease.
3. Practice self care. The better I am to myself, the better I am for everyone else.
4. Laugh a lot. After almost 2 decades of working with people with PWS I can still see the humor in most of it. I don’t want that to change.
5. Keep learning. Every conference brings new information. Go to them. As many as you can! The rewards are invaluable.


Happy PWS awareness day! What are your resolutions?
Patrice Carroll
Manager of PWS Services

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