TIP of the WEEK: Managing Stress

Latham Centers

Here are some tips for helping your child reduce their anxiety:
1. Teach coping skills. Deep breathing, visualizations and muscle relaxation are all excellent tools to decrease anxiety.
2. Praise bravery. Every time your child does something that previously made them anxious or scared, reinforce their bravery.
3. Point out their triggers. The more your child understands what causes their anxiety the more successful they will be in managing their own feelings and actions.
4. Stick to a routine. The more predictable the better. Unknowns are very difficult for our kids so limit them as much as possible.
5. Check yourself. If you are stressed or anxious your child will sense that and respond accordingly.
Stress and anxiety can be debilitating for people with PWS. Helping them to reduce feelings of fear and stress will allow for greater success in all areas of their life.


Patrice Carroll
Manager of PWS Services

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