TIP of the WEEK: Going to the Doctor

Taking your child to the doctor can be a stressful experience but some preparations ahead of time can make for a more successful visit.

  • Bring someone with you. Another set of ears will help to be sure that you heard all of the information. If you don’t have the option to bring someone with you then take notes and don’t be afraid to ask the doctor to repeat what he or she said.
  • Write your questions down ahead of time and keep asking until you get an answer that you understand. If your doctor says that they have PWS experience, clarify what that means. One patient 5 years ago does not qualify as experience.
  • Ask for a double appointment when you schedule a visit if you know that you need that extra time. It is easy to feel rushed once the doctor comes in the room so tell them ahead of time that you’ll need more time.
  • You know your child and you know when something is wrong. If you feel like you are not being heard then it’s time to switch doctors.
  • If you need to go to the emergency room be sure to bring the medical alert information from PWSAUSA. It is unlikely that ER staff will read something if you hand it to them so highlight the most important parts and read them out loud to staff.

The more comfortable you are with your child’s doctor, the more comfortable your child will be. You are your child’s best advocate, you know them better than anyone else so make sure that your concerns are heard. There are amazing doctors out there, find them and keep them!

Submitted by:
Patrice Carroll

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