TIP of the WEEK: A Life Lesson

As we prepare to say goodbye to a long term and beloved student today as she graduates, I have had requests to re-post this tip. I have to admit that seeing kids leave is one part of children’s services that I have not and probably never will get used to.
April, we love you and will miss you dearly. Congratulations on your graduation and we will never forget the joy and energy that you brought to all of us.

A life lesson:

We typically have only a few short years with the students at Latham until they graduate and move on to adult living. If the students take anything away from the years they spend with us I hope it is this:

Try. Keep trying and don’t give up. Your potential is limitless if you put everything you have into achieving the goals you have set for yourself.

Trust. Trust yourself and the people around you. People are more good than bad and most of the people you meet will be on your side. Don’t let a few bad experiences keep you from enjoying the many good experiences and relationships to come.

You are smart. You have skills and talents that contribute to your jobs, relationships and your homes. Your minds don’t always work the same as everyone else’s but you see things and feel things that others miss. There is no test that measures your intelligence because your intelligence is different, not less. Don’t listen to anyone who tells you otherwise.

You are loved. Your family, friends and care givers want you to succeed because we love you. If we push you too hard it is because we know that you can do it, we have faith in you even when you doubt yourself.

You are worth it. We are in your lives by choice. We are in your lives because we want to be, we like being with you and want to see you grow even though is it so sad to see you leave.

Speak up. If you want something, go for it! We don’t always know best and learning to advocate for yourself is the greatest skill you will ever learn.

Teach us. Tell us what you need, what works and especially what doesn’t. Doctors aren’t always right, science only explains so much. We need you to teach us about PWS, everyday.

Your time here will be filled with academics, learning coping skills and making great friends and in between all of the work and fun I hope you take away the really important stuff- trusting in yourself, advocating for what you want and believing that you are everything that you were meant to be.

Patrice Carroll

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