TIP of the WEEK: A Fun Tip on Physical Therapy

Many folks with PWS have difficulty with gross motor skills. A physical therapist can help people with PWS improve their motor skills, strength, endurance, body and limb control and coordination, and balance.

One activity that can be very enjoyable and helps with each these areas of need is cycling. Some folks are able to ride a bicycle, and others prefer a three-wheeled bike. Three-wheeled bikes come in a variety of sizes, suitable for children and adults.

A physical therapist can help coach an individual in the correct posture and coordination skills needed to make the bike go. He or she can also measure to determine the correct seat and handlebar position for the individual. These are important details because an incorrect fit of the seat can result in strain on the lower back and neck. An improper handlebar position affects hand, shoulder, neck, and back comfort.

Physical Therapists can also teach proper stretching, balance, and flexibility exercises that help with coordination of cycling-related skills. Learning to cycle builds confidence and independence, while having fun outdoors! It’s also a great form of exercise!

Always be sure to wear protective headgear!

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