Tip of the Week: 10 Commandments of PWS

I attended the FPWR* conference in New Orleans last week and presented on managing behaviors in school and at home. Below is one of the slides that describes how to manage your own actions when faced with difficult situations with your child. Individuals with PWS are wonderful, kind, intuitive, and creative individuals that thrive in the right environment. When children or adults are placed in environments that do not meet their needs, they are being asked to change things about themselves that they cannot possibly change – such as sensory processing disorder and executive functioning disorder. This presentation focused on encouraging self-care, living in the moment rather than worrying about the future or comparing your child’s development to others. It is critical that the people who work with your child focus on strengths and encourage success based on their skills and desires, rather than goals set by others. Every day is a step in the right direction with your child with PWS, especially when they are surrounded by people who understand them and will be their champions.

*FPWR: Foundation for Prader-Willi Research

Patrice Carroll is Latham Centers’ world-renowned Prader-Willi syndrome specialist. She works with Latham’s residents with PWS, their families, and consultants, continuously learning and teaching about PWS best practices. Do you have questions for our PWS specialist? Submit your “tip” topics or general questions to TipTopics@LathamCenters.org.




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