Three New Exercise Bikes Awarded to Latham Centers’ Adult Residents


Latham Centers is excited to announce the addition of three new exercise bikes to the Adult Residential Program. As the weather gets colder and the wind gusts become stronger, residents become more discouraged to exercise outside. There is no time like the present for these new, high-tech recumbent bikes.
These bikes will be split between two adult homes so our residents from across the Cape can easily participate in regular exercise. Additionally, there are two different types of bikes – both of which track heart rate and pace!
The implementation of an exercise program around these bikes is just one part of the Latham Centers Adult Program Wellness Initiative going into 2017. Other items purchased as incentives for the residents to stay motivated, while enabling the staff to track successes are Fitbits (and water bottles for those who don’t feel comfortable wearing Fitbits).
Huge thanks goes out to all of our grantors, consultants, residents, and staff who make endeavors like this possible.

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