The View from My Window

I have the best office! I really do. Directly outside of my window (I’m on the second floor) is a gorgeous tree with a picnic table underneath. I am the beneficiary of children’s laughter or conversations that float up to my window. As I gaze down, I see kids & staff interacting. I don’t see “special needs” kids, just….kids. They are engaged, playful, silly, and unaware a grown-up is upstairs. I stop work (frankly that is the easy part) and watch; not in a “clinical” way, but more of a longing to take in this moment of pure childhood. It’s a snapshot moment that I will store away to reflect on when I feel kind of low.  It never ceases to amaze me that our kids, kids who have a legitimate reason to question and rail “why me”, are so kind and caring with each other. Yes, of course, there are arguments and teasing, but when it counts; they are there for each other. I will take that over advanced academic achievement every time.

Submitted by:
Chris Gallant

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