The Best Small Town EVER!

The Latham campus is located in the beautiful town of Brewster. Brewster is a small, idyllic town that has a strong connection to the sea (we are known as the Sea Captains town), but is also very rural and not at all flashy. Brewster is a place that still cares strongly for the members of its town. It is a strong, vibrant community that encompasses all that jumps to mind when you think of small town New England. Our students are important and celebrated members of the Brewster community. This weekend one of those “small town” events took place. The annual Brewster in Bloom Festival celebrates the arrival of Spring and allows our students chances to access all that is great about living in a small community.

On Saturday, the Latham Centers had a table at the Brewster in Bloom Craft Fair. For the previous month, students have been creating crafts to be sold. They made jewelry, framed photographs and painted pictures. From 10-3, student volunteers greeted customers and sold the merchandise. This type of activity is what we strive to do since all the work involved is meaningful and has value. All proceeds from the sales at the Craft Fair are going to a charity that the Latham Student Council will decide on in the near future.

Ryan is a student that has been training to run the Falmouth Road Race, which is a 7 mile road race that takes place in August. He successfully ran the race last year and has been working to improve on his times this coming year. Ryan ran the Brewster in Bloom 5K this past Saturday as a way to train and have fun. Although he says his knees were a bit sore after the race, Ryan related wonderful stories of people cheering him along as he ran his hardest. At the finish line, a group of supporters both from Latham and the larger Brewster community were waiting to congratulate Ryan on his success.

Just about all the students that were on campus went out into the front yard on Sunday afternoon to watch the Brewster in Bloom parade. Sitting on the grass with the sun shining down was an ideal way to celebrate Spring; especially after the long Winter we have had. Nothing is more small town than a parade. As the trucks and floats came by there seemed to be an extra flurry of waving between our kids on the ground and the participants in the parade. Everyone knows they will get a huge welcome when they pass our campus.

Thank you Brewster for taking such good care of Latham. We are grateful to be a part of the community and thankful to so many of our neighbors who support are students in so many different ways.

Submitted by:
Tim Vaughan
Residential Director

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“Poor, dear, silly Spring, preparing her annual surprise!” 
~Wallace Stevens

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