“The best part of Latham is being a family”

In Latham Centers’ Summer Appeal and thank you letter to past donors, adult residents Janice, Marianne, Angel, and Stacie share their appreciation for their home at Latham. “The best part of Latham is being a family,” in Janice’s words.

Last year, Janice celebrated her retirement from TJ MAXX where she had worked for 13 years. Janice volunteers at Our Lady of the Cape thrift shop in Brewster and turned her passion for crafting into a retirement business selling handmade beach décor and dish cloths at local craft fairs.

Marianne has lived at Latham Centers for 24 years. She volunteers at Cape Wildlife Center where she cares for orphaned terrapins. When she enters the room, they race to the edge of their container to greet her. She gets emotional when she thinks about the day that she will return them to the wild. Also an avid gardener, Marianne works at the Cape Abilities farm greenhouse where she plants seedlings and grows tomatoes.

For Angel, home means safety and freedom. “I feel safe in my home at Latham,” she said. “I feel safe, but I have freedom at the same time, which is important to me.” A talented knitter and crafter, Angel joined the Cast-Aways kitting club at Maplewood Brewster to knit blankets for the homeless. The Maplewood residents nurture and support Angel, and Angel brings her youthful enthusiasm and affection to the group.

Stacie is in her sixth year of employment at the Brewster Chamber of Commerce. She performs clerical duties and enjoys sharing her knowledge of the Cape with visitors. Like many Latham adults, Stacie is challenged by Prader-Willi syndrome. She has lost over 166 pounds since coming to Latham Centers 21 years ago. She appreciates group living at Latham. She said, “Living in a group home is not all that bad when the outcome is setting goals and reaching them and learning to cope with the challenges that come with having PWS.”

Donations to Latham Centers’ Summer Appeal help us to provide the holistic programs, vocational opportunities, and alternative therapies that contribute to a rich and vibrant life for individuals like Janice, Marianne, Angel, and Stacie. Tax-deductible donations can be made online at http://weblink.donorperfect.com/LathamSummerAppeal. We are grateful for the support from our greater Latham community.


Photos above: Janice (knitting); Marianne (with turtle); Angel, Marianne, and Stacie.

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