The Beach: A Poem for you by Latham Students



The students at Latham have been thinking positively about the upcoming beautiful weather and accompanying activities. The following poem was written by eight students who participated in the My Voice, My Values program at the Cape Cod Theater Company. This original poem was crafted and drafted 100% by students.
The Beach
by C.J., Alyssa, Frank, Patrick, Chloe, Makayla, Zach and Nick
The beach sounds like waves crashing on the sand.
Like seals chirping and people eating and running around playing.
The beach sounds like seagulls and diving
I hear people having fun.
The beach feels hot like summer and windy like a storm is coming.
The wind blows my hair.
The beach feels like sand on my feet or a sunburn on my chest.
I feel soft mist from the water,
The beach makes me feel happy.
The beach tastes like salt in my mouth when I splash in the water
And sand gritty in my teeth
The beach smells like low tide, seaweed, dead crabs and fish,
The air can smell like sunscreen
The air smells fresh and cool
I see rocks, ocean
People climbing, playing Frisbee with their dogs
I see towels, sun hats, umbrellas.
And boats, maybe a shark or whale.
The beach makes me feel calm.

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