Thanksgiving at Latham Centers: A thank you to our community

Thanksgiving at Latham Centers is a festive holiday celebrated by all departments including Children’s, Adults, and Administration. It has become an annual tradition to host a Turkey-Day-Give-Away, when we invite staff to our Latham Campus Expansion Site for some treats, a hot-cocoa bar, and an opportunity to enter a raffle. This year, we raffled off thirty-six $25 dollar gift cards to Stop and Shop, as well as 10 turkeys ranging in size from a large family to a small family

On campus, more than half of our students stayed to enjoy the holiday with their friends and staff. Both lunch and dinner included fun, out of the ordinary entrée options including both turkey and ham throughout the day. Students participated in themed exercises, outings, and Zoom dates with friends and family.

We are grateful to our expanding Latham Community – students, adults, friends, family, staff, and community members who make Latham Centers such a beautiful and life-changing place for all those involved in our mission. Thank you!

~ Katrina Kozak, Director of National Outreach


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