THANK YOU, Latham nurses, who “ensure the health of all is the priority”

Caring is the essence of nursing.” —Jean Watson

The nurses at Latham Centers are an impressive group, continuously providing excellent care with smiles and patience. Our talented, compassionate nursing staff members work with individuals with special needs in both the Children’s and Adult Services Programs, as well as our residents’ families, Latham staff, and medical offices across Cape Cod. The impact of our nurses on the health, wellness, and happiness of those we serve is beyond measure.

“The nursing staff here does such amazing work with our students and adults, as well as providing support to parents and Direct Care staff. These last couple of years have been difficult with COVID. This team has gone above and beyond to ensure the health of all is the priority. They quietly work behind scenes managing a variety of things. I am so fortunate to have this talented group working with me. Happy Nurses Appreciation!” ~ Bonnie White, Director of Nursing

Thank you to Bonnie and Shanna and our Nursing Teams at Latham Centers for your hard work and compassionate care! In celebration of National Nurses Week 2022, we honor:

    • Lisa Bertschy

    • Shannon Cheverie

    • Shanna Cipro

    • Michelle Connelly

    • Anya Lee Cox

    • Gina DeSimone

    • Emily Hallock

    • Lindsey Howard

    • Aries Howell

    • Janice Holt

    • Lani Kaeka

    • Tracy Lanouette

    • Jaclyn McGrath

    • Kathleen Papillo

    • Shashoy Rose-Cunningham

    • Sharon Safferstone

    • Janet Uhlar-Tinney

    • Casey Webb

    • Sherlene Webber

    • Bonnie White

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