Technology at Latham

At Latham Centers, we rely on technology around the clock to enhance delivery of curriculum and services, and advance our mission. We connect with our extended Latham community through technology. 

  • Worldwide presence:  Latham embraces technologies utilized in reaching out to the world. We communicate with friends, families, staff, volunteers, and prospective Latham family members through our website,, and through the Latham Blog, Prader-Willi Syndrome and Beyond. Latham continues to expand its networks well beyond our Cape Cod community through social media, including Facebook, Crowdrise, and Constant Contact. 
  • School technology:  Latham School has kept abreast of technology through private funding (charitable donations) as well as the Federal Government’s e-rate program. Interactive smart boards are used in classrooms, as are computers. Our Educational Technology Plan is nearly complete for the upcoming e-rate funding cycle, and wish-list items include additional audio-visual hardware and software components for our students as well as the possible implementation of technology for long distance communication and consultations.

Submitted by:
Dawn Dinnan

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