Tea Time with the Rock Harbor Classroom

Latham School’s Rock Harbor classroom, a transitional class in which students work on life-skills and social-skill building, has created a wonderful “Tea Time” tradition. Our Director of National Outreach, Katrina Fryklund, shares her experience below:

Last Monday, I received a hand-written invitation from Bella, a student in the Rock Harbor classroom:

Dear Katrina,
How are you?

Our class has tea on Friday morning at 10:15. Would you like to come this Friday?

From, Bella

I was overjoyed with the invite and immediately sent a response email to Ms. Katie, classroom teacher. From 10:15 to 10:45 on Friday morning, I joined the class for tea. We spoke about the events they were looking forward to over the weekend – including how the students heard there was going to be a bit of snow on Saturday, but a beautiful and warm day on Sunday! All six students spoke about games with peers that they couldn’t wait to play. After everyone finished their delicious herb tea (the favorites were vanilla chamomile, red raspberry, and spearmint), everyone went outside in the Spring-like weather; they played a bit of basketball and walked around the track before heading to Spanish class.

This morning, I sent an email to the entire classroom:

Good Morning Ms. Katie, Mr. Joey, Chris, Mia, Olivia, Luke, Bella, and Mikey!

Thank you so much for your invite to Tea on Friday – I was so appreciative! It was lovely having the opportunity to chat with you all – what delicious and healthy tea selections you have!

I hope you all had a good weekend and had the opportunity to hang outside in some of the gorgeous Sunday weather that we discussed!

Have a great week!



PS: Attached are photos that you can hang up in your classroom if you’d like!

Thank you to all the teachers and staff at Latham Centers who make fun events like this possible, and thank you to the kiddos for helping to create such a warm and uplifting environment for all on campus.   — Katrina

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