Summer fun and games in Children’s Services

If you ask around campus, most students will say one of their favorite things about Latham Centers is our summer programming. In July and August, our programming looks a bit different than the September-to-June school year. In our “Summertide” program, we embrace our Cape Cod surroundings and incorporate outings into our students’ day.

The school day starts with breakfast and morning classes, where students continue to participate in academics such as Math, English/Language Arts, and Physical Education/Health. After lunch, students are encouraged to join a variety of clubs and the fun really starts. This year, our clubs include Swimming, Science, Performing Arts, and Kaboodle. Students also participate in Puzzles and Games and Scrapbooking!

In Swimming, our students go to a variety of ponds, bays, and beaches. Students love to be outside, enjoying many of the Cape’s special spots. During Science Club, our students go on off-campus outings and explore the natural habitat around them, such as the Brewster Herring Run; the Chatham wildlife and vistas experienced on the Monomoy Island Seal Tours; and much more. Students fill out a field notebook, entering data about the weather, monitoring the water quality in different locations, and identifying birds, plants, and animals within different wetlands. In Performing Arts, our students are currently studying different musical styles each week. Some weeks have included styles such as country, rap, and reggae! Kaboodle, new to our students and run by our Vocational Team, incorporates a variety of skills and trades ranging from videography and filming to vocational tasks such as soap making, woodworking, and horticulture. In Puzzles and Games, students learn to work collaboratively and interact appropriately by participating in fun board games, creative puzzles, and activities.

Kudos to our Educational Team for creating a dynamic schedule and giving our students opportunities to participate in a wide variety of activities!


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