Students Write about Generosity


Students were challenged in their classrooms last week to think creatively about generosity, one of the four core pillars central to Latham Centers’ mission (others include mastery, independence, and belonging). While some students drew pictures to represent the concept, others wrote poetry. Below are three pieces composed by different scholars.
by: Patrick (the above photo was also drawn by Patrick)
Be kind and forgiving!
Be a great friend to everyone.
Have care and love for all your
friends rather than being hateful and mean towards others.
Share with other people.
It is nice to be a great sport
[o]n a sports team.
It is always important
to respect everyone and be
polite to everyone.
You should take space if you[re]
yelling so you can keep everyone
safe around you.
by: Chris
Be Nice
Open the door
Get someone water
Give flowers to someone
Help someone
by: Devin
I like you
Be Nice
Eat lunch together
Hang out with staff
Be good.

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