Students thrilled to see their Latham Players friends perform

The Latham Players performed their “Love Show” in honor of Valentine’s month before an enthusiastic audience of Latham School students, staff, friends, and family members last Friday night. A wide variety of love songs were chosen, from the Beatles to Broadway to old standards and current pop songs. Artistic Director Dinah Lane said, “I am so pleased with how well the Players are working together as a company this year, while continuing to develop their individual voices and styles of performing. Each of them is constantly working hard to challenge themselves with new music and, in this show, really displayed a variety of genres. As always, they love performing for their Latham School friends and were thrilled with the enthusiastic response of the audience.”

It was a wonderful show, and especially moving to witness the sense of belonging shared by the students and Players. Children’s Program Assistant Residential Manager Patti Hynes-Morris expressed it perfectly: “When the Latham Players come to campus, the students can’t get there fast enough!  They love seeing former friends perform for the group. The Players had everyone singing and dancing in their chairs. We  the Latham Players!”    

The program listing from the Players’ Love Show on February 28th follows:

1. She Loves You– All

2. Somewhere Out There– Andrea and Sky/ Dance by Maria and Ayanna

3. Can’t Help Falling In Love– Max      

4. Love Story– Leona and Jessie

5. The Greatest Love of All– Drew       

6. Love Shack– Ayanna and All

7. L-O-V-E – Matty/Dance by Leona and Jessie

8. Teardrops On My Guitar– Emily and Leona

9. What I Did for Love– Sky           

10. Do You Love Me? – Leona and Max

11. It’s Not Unusual– Anthony      

12. What the World Needs Now– Stacie

13. All You Need is Love– All

Thank you to the Latham Players for bringing your joyful music to our Brewster campus! You mastered your performances and we’re looking forward to sharing more photos and highlights of your winter and spring shows in upcoming blog posts.


Pictured above: The Latham Players huddle at the start of their last number, “All You Need is Love”; Artistic Director Dinah Lane enjoys a moment with Stacie after the performance.

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