Students learn about the Day of Silence: “Never stop being you.”

For many staff and students, last week was the first time they had learned about or discussed the Day of Silence, taking place this year on April 22nd. Residential Activities Coordinator Danny Anderson hosted a presentation where some of our students learned about the Day of Silence – what it is, how it formed, and why it is important. Danny explained,

“We discussed the importance of celebrating diversity and what makes each of us different as well as how to (appropriately) advocate and support others. Being an ally and friend.

It was a serious conversation that our students handled very maturely and were engaged. Students worked on coloring pages while we discussed the day – and its power to bring people together and form a community of love and acceptance.

Never stop being you.”

To learn more about the Day of Silence, please visit the GLSEN website. 

Caption: Student-created artwork and Part of a staff-led presentation.

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