Student Spotlight: New student Hannah raves about staff

We recently welcomed a new student, Hannah, to our Latham campus. Admissions Officer Kara McDowell interviewed Hannah for today’s Student Spotlight:

What is your favorite thing about Latham so far?

Walking around campus.

What fun activities at Latham do you enjoy so far?

Making bracelets with Melissa B. I like to use green and blue colors.

What advice would you give someone who was thinking of coming to Latham?

Come to Latham to meet people. The students are cool and staff too.

What advice would you give to family members who were thinking about sending their student/child to Latham?

You should go to the Main House and sign in when you get here.

That’s great advice and such a good thing for people to know! What will they like about Latham?

They will like the students and the staff too. They’re so nice. Especially Melissa B.

What’s your favorite thing about school?

My peer Gabby – she is so nice! I like Melissa a lot. She is so sweet and awesome. She is the best, best, best teacher ever.

What’s your favorite thing about where you live?

I like my room. I also like basketball and going on the track and riding my bike after school.

What are some goals you have here?

I am working on a project. I want to volunteer too, maybe at the Fire House.

What at Latham has helped you be successful so far?

Desiree helps me. She takes me for walks when I need a break and she will take me outside. I think you should give her a certificate for that – she is a helper.

That’s a great idea, Desiree is a great helper. Besides staff, what else do you like about Latham?

I love the food. Paul is the best chef. He cooks the best food and he knows a lot about food. He also makes the soup the color and temperature I want it.

Tell me a fun fact about you!

I have dogs – Girly and Josie. They live at home.

Welcome to the Latham community, Hannah and family! We are so excited to have you join us.


Pictured above: Melissa Bertrand, Latham School Teacher (Race Point classroom), “the best, best, best teacher ever.”

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