Student Spotlight: Annie shares feelings of happiness and pride at Latham

We’d like to extend a warm welcome to Annabell, one of our new students at Latham. For today’s Student Spotlight, Katrina Fryklund, Director of National Outreach and member of our Admissions Team, interviewed Annabell (Annie), whose wonderful feedback follows:

What is your favorite thing about Latham so far?

I like Math Class. It’s a little hard but I can do it.

What fun activities at Latham do you enjoy so far?

I like playing Wii, and living in the North Wing. I really like my friends Annika, Davi, and Chloe!

What advice would you give someone who was thinking of coming to Latham?

I’d tell them that all the staff are REALLY nice, and that you get used to being here, in a different place.

What do you like about the staff here?

I like the activities they plan for us and I really like my teacher Curtis. The packets he puts together are cool!

Your teacher told me you were doing a special project independently, how is that going?

I had to read a whole story and then write a paragraph and answer questions about it. I researched this story on my own and then did one of Curtis’ packets after. I learned about a dog named Rascal who was trying to find bones!

What is your favorite meal so far?

I really love the snacks!

What are some goals you have here?

My goals are to keep good friends, be safe, and be healthy. I’ve already lost about 15 pounds and am proud of myself!

What’s a fun fact about yourself you want people to know?

I love to color and I am a talented artist. I have lots of different markers and things to draw with.

Reflections from Katrina:

“I have truly enjoyed getting to know Annie! She is very funny and has an amazing sense of humor. Annie is always cracking jokes and making others around her laugh, and uses her humor as a positive coping tool. I have also learned that she is kind, caring, compassionate, and welcoming to new students! Additionally, she has been a great suitemate to all her new friends in her dormitory’s North Wing. Welcome, Annie, to Latham Centers! We are so proud of your growth in the short period of time that you’ve been in our program.”


Pictured above: Annie (right), with friend Annika and substitute classroom teacher Curtis during English/Language Arts.

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