Staff Spotlight: The radio voices representing Latham


Debra Anderson from our Adult Services team is the latest staff member to be featured in Latham Centers’ radio spot. Debra, who is a Case Manager/Vocational Counselor, joins Amy Smith and Kristi Dolbec as “voices” of Latham’s ‘grow a career’ and ‘make a difference’ messages to radio listeners on Cape Cod and beyond.  In the current ad, Debra says, “I wanted to redirect my life to one where I found purpose and value, and I found that at Latham.  I love my job. I support my clients to help them achieve their goals and enrich their lives. Latham’s managers inspire me to do more than is expected, and in return I feel valued and appreciated.  So if you want a career where every day you make a positive difference in someone’s life, Latham is where you want to be.”

Latham’s Human Resources Representative Betty Gray, who works with Dawn Dinnan on recruitment marketing, is grateful to our staff members for sharing with thousands of listeners how our agency has helped them grow a career and make a difference, in their own words. “Radio advertising is so important on the Cape,” Betty said. “It is a highly effective way to make the community aware of who we are and what we do.  Name recognition sparks an interest. Since we started our radio campaign, applicants mention the good things they’ve heard about Latham. Whether they are thinking about the radio ad they heard or whether the radio ad sparked a conversation between friends or family, it is keeping the conversation active.”

Many applicants – as well as other organizations – have recently mentioned to Betty that they heard Latham is a great place to work and that they’re aware of the great things we do.  Audio clips of all three radio advertisements are available on our Careers page.


Photos of Debra Anderson and Betty Gray recording the radio ads courtesy of


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