Staff Spotlight: “The Legend Has Retired” – wishing Beverly Hopkins all the best

Latham Centers celebrated Beverly Hopkins’ years of service with a retirement send-off last week at our Orleans Admin office. Beverly has been a dedicated member of our Business Office team for 13 years, skillfully mastering each position and accepting the Payroll Specialist position nearly a decade ago. “It’s a difficult job, but she always did it with a calm demeanor and a smile on her face,” Controller Meredith Morgan said.

Beverly has been a valued member of our Latham staff and a critical connection for every one of us on all-things-payroll. She performed her role with exceptional attention to detail, and always exemplified Latham’s mission, core values, and guiding principles. We’ll miss you, Beverly, and we all wish you much joy and fulfillment in your retirement!

As we say farewell to Beverly, we also welcome our new Payroll Specialist, Danielle Follett!


Pictured: Beverly Hopkins with some of her colleagues from the Business Office (Anne Haglof, Meredith Morgan, Arlene Harrington, and Danielle Follett); and colleagues from Human Resources / Organizational Development (Rebecca Amaral, Betty Gray, Dawn Morand, and Joan McFadden).

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