Staff Spotlight: Performing Arts instructor Sarah Jane Mason brings exuberance and creativity to Latham’s Education Team


This short video clip of Latham students performing “Ghost Busters” with new Performing Arts Instructor Sarah Jane Mason provides a glimpse of her happy, engaged class. The staff member who took the video was working in her office above the classroom and said it sounded so great that she was compelled to go downstairs in the Schoolhouse to see the music-making for herself. “The drumming sounded fantastic – everyone was on beat and having a blast,” Director of Outreach Katrina Fryklund said. The video showing Sarah Jane’s students beating percussion instruments to the Ghost Busters song foreshadowed our new teacher’s Halloween debut as a dazzling disco queen (pictured below with Halloween costume parade volunteer fortune teller Shauna Kelly, and above on-stage later that afternoon).

Although Sarah Jane has only been teaching at Latham for two months, she has been an incredible addition to the education team. Her exuberance and warm personality brings smiles to both staff and students on a daily basis. As a Board Certified Music Therapist, she brings a creative approach to assisting students in achieving their developmental goals and helping facilitate those changes through evidence-based therapeutic music interventions.

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