Staff Spotlight: Orione Bean earns Roy T. Morgan Award

Orione Bean, Residential Counselor 2 in our Children’s Services Program, was honored with the Roy T. Morgan Award at last month’s End of Year Celebration. The Morgan Award acknowledges staff and supervisors who have made a significant contribution to the work of Latham Centers and the children and adults we serve. Residential Director Melissa Soares-Zariqi’s award presentation follows:

“It is a great joy to recognize and honor a member of our Children’s Program Residential Team. This award goes out to those who have excelled in their domain, to those who have gone above and beyond. It was noticed early on that this staff member had the “right stuff” to work at Latham, and she continues to grow here every day. This residential counselor elevates those around her. She is a friendly face to those who are new, a friend to those who are experienced, a teacher, an advocate, and above all else, an anchor to her students. In the words of a colleague, ‘She approaches all students with kindness, compassion, and consistency. She always wants to do the best for the kids and never settles for anything less.’ We are so grateful to have you. Congratulations, Orione Bean!”

Above, Orione Bean is pictured with Melissa Soares-Zariqi and Gerry Pouliot, Director of Children’s Services.

Coming soon: we’ll share two additional staff members honored with this year’s Roy T. Morgan Award.

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