Staff Spotlight: Meet Betty Gray, the welcoming voice of Human Resources

Betty Gray has been a cherished member of Latham Centers’ Human Resources team for more than a decade, and virtually every prospective employee learns about our mission and what makes Latham special from Betty.  Here are just a few glimpses of Latham through her eyes:   

What is your favorite memory at Latham so far?

I have been here for 11½ years, and this one moment still stands out… It was my first time attending the end of year celebration. The ceremony was over and students, family members, and staff were lining up to get their lunches.  I observed two students sitting on a step – one student in their cap and gown and one student who was not graduating.  They were smiling, talking, enjoying the moment.  The student who was not graduating was so proud of her friend that just graduated.  The support, the encouragement, the pride and caring that I saw between those two friends in that moment will stay with me forever.  I realized that this was an organization that taught the right lessons.  To this day, I am proud to say that I work here and I am honored to share the work that everyone does here on a daily basis.

What’s the best part of your job?

I am able to meet a lot of very interesting people.  I get to learn a lot about the different positions at Latham and see how they fit into the big picture.  I love my job and I love what I do.  It is great to learn about people’s passions and goals, and to find a way to fulfill that within the agency.  At Latham, we want everyone to feel fulfilled and challenged in their roles – we want them to want to grow a career here.

What are you most likely to be doing when you’re not working?

Spending time with my family.

Job-seekers interested in growing a career at Latham can meet Betty at the Cape & Islands Job Fair September 11th at the Hyannis Youth & Community Center, or at Latham Centers’ Job Fair in Brewster (at 1439 Main Street) on September 25th

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