Staff Spotlight: Kristi Dolbec invites career-seekers to join our Latham Family

Children’s Services Day Supervisor Kristi Dolbec is the new radio voice of “growing a rewarding career at Latham”. In our current radio spot playing on 103.9 WKPE country music station, Kristi shares highlights of her career path at Latham: “After college, I returned to Cape Cod and started at Latham as a substitute in the Children’s Program. I quickly fell in love with Latham, and was promoted to a one on one counselor, then to classroom aide. For more than five years, I’ve been the Day Program Supervisor. Now I’m pursuing my dream of becoming a Board-Certified Behavior Analyst. I started at Latham because of the huge impact staff has on the lives of special needs students, and I’m staying to continue to be the best ‘me’ possible.”

Kristi graduated from Elmira College in New York in 2009, returning to her home on Cape Cod and accepting a job as a substitute at Latham Centers. She had heard about the Children’s Program from a friend who worked here and told her about the opportunity to help students with special needs. Every position Kristi has held at Latham has had an impact on her. As a one-to-one counselor, she worked with her assigned student for two years. “This student not only taught me so much about this new career path, but she taught me about myself as well. After two years of working as a 1:1, it was time to continue in my journey at Latham Centers. I became a classroom aide, where I also worked for two years. This taught me how to work with a larger group of students and learn more about Latham as a whole. Latham is an incredible program to be a part of – with opportunity to grow. I learned this as I proceeded to move into my current role of the Day Program Supervisor, a position I have been in for over 5 years. The learning does not stop there! Latham Centers is now helping me pursue my dream of becoming a Board-Certified Behavior Analyst!”

Kristi is committed to Latham because of “the opportunity to develop and be the best me I can be. We say that we stay in this field because of the rewarding impact it has on the lives of the individuals we serve, and this is true! However, I feel that the individuals I serve and have served are who have made me who I am today, and for that I cannot thank them enough.”

Kristi especially enjoys her work here during this time of year. “Holidays are my favorite days at Latham. I know that on those days, I am not only their staff, I am their family. Watching students unwrap their Christmas presents on Christmas day is a remarkable feeling.” Kristi also appreciates the strong work culture at Latham. “Everyone who works at Latham is working towards one common goal. Due to working so closely with one another, we have become a family. We rely on each other for so many things, day in and day out. I could not ask for a better family to be with every day.”

For job-seekers and career-changers, Kristi has a message: “Don’t wait another minute! If you want to feel like your work is important, then Latham is for you. Come and join our Latham Family!”

Click below to hear Latham’s radio spot featuring Kristi Dolbec and Betty Gray. 

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