Staff Spotlight: For Jeffrey Furst, working in Latham’s Adult Services Program is about compassion and growth


Residential Counselor Jeffrey Furst shares his thoughts about his favorite job: being a part of Latham Centers’ Adult Services team.

What do you enjoy most about your job at Latham Centers?

My entire career since I started working has been revolved around human services and helping unique individuals with whatever challenges life has set out for them. Of all the jobs I’ve had, Latham Centers has to be my favorite. The reason being…The residents! Coming in every day to help these guys out is the most rewarding job I’ve had yet. Bringing smiles and joy to everyday activities and moments is an amazing way to spend the work week. If you have a heart and a passion for helping others, this is the job for you.

Describe a few of your responsibilities and how you spend much of your time:

I get the pleasure of bringing residents to activities that help improve their sense of independence and community. Seeing the residents grow with each new experience and the joy that those experiences bring is truly wonderful. I also help the residents to understand the importance of food safety specific to Prader-Willi syndrome (PWS) and how to still enjoy food with less anxiety. I help them develop healthy habits around the home and appropriate habits in the community. To see them achieve their goals is what makes each day with these individuals worth it.

What do you enjoy most about working with individuals with PWS or other complex special needs?

Everything! I have been given the opportunity to learn about a rare disorder that comes with its very own special circumstances and personality traits. The complexity of PWS both piqued my interest and allowed me to see a world from these individuals’ eyes that is truly unique.

What advice would you give to someone contemplating a career at Latham Centers?

Do it! It’s fun, its informative, it’s all about compassion and growth. It can have its tough days and many challenges, but it can be an extremely valuable and remarkable experience if you’re willing to jump in and learn from it.


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