Staff Spotlight: Honoring Lauren Viera, maaps award nominee (Part 2)

Several Latham staff members were recently nominated for the Albert E. Trieschman Memorial Award for Exceptional Direct Service to Children given annually by the Massachusetts Association of 766 Approved Private Schools (maaps). This award is intended to acknowledge superior direct service contributions to special needs children by a clinician, specialist, or child care worker whose performance and achievement reflect the high principles of the profession and the Association as set forth in the ethical and professional standards of maaps and as required by the complex demands associated with serving special needs children. Here is an excerpt from Behavior Specialist Lauren Viera’s award nomination:

Lauren is one of the strongest employees at Latham Centers. She always goes above and beyond in everything that she does. Lauren was recently promoted to the school Behavior Specialist within the past year. She most recently began working with our BCBA consultant to assist in behavior reduction in the schoolhouse. Lauren ensures the safety of all students in the program while they are at school. Lauren also assists the day supervisor in creating and implementing structured vacation plans throughout the year. Lauren is creative and always puts the student’s best interest first. She understands the needs of each individual and provides activities that are of interest to each of them.

Lauren is an advocate for each individual in the program. She is passionate about what she does. Lauren is well-rounded and versatile. She is able to work in all aspects of the program. Lauren is thought of as a leader. Her colleagues look up to her and go to her for assistance and feedback. Lauren has grown as a professional over the years and is now able to fill in as the designee supervisor in the supervisor’s absence. I could not think of anyone who deserves this award more than Lauren.

Congratulations on your award nomination, Lauren, you are greatly appreciated!

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