Staff Spotlight: Honoring Brant Lemieux, maaps award nominee (Part 6

Several Latham staff members were recently nominated for the Albert E. Trieschman Memorial Award for Exceptional Direct Service to Children* given annually by the Massachusetts Association of 766 Approved Private Schools (maaps). Overnight Counselor Brant Lemieux was nominated for his outstanding work in supporting our students. An excerpt of Brant’s nomination for the award follows:

Brant Lemieux shows calmness, care, and concern in every interaction he has with his students. He is unfalteringly calm in any situation, modeling appropriate behaviors for students and staff. Brant’s calming energy is infectious, and helps students and his colleagues approach any situation in a positive way.

He shows care for his students, regularly checking in on their likes and dislikes and working with the therapeutic team to ensure that his students’ needs are being met. He works to make sure that every student feels heard, and he values the thoughts and issues of everyone he works with. Through his calm, careful listening, he has earned the trust of his students. He is persistent in finding solutions to students’ problems, and is creative in implementing those solutions.

Brant is also a leader on the overnight shift. He has been in the position for a number of years, and focuses on sharing his experience with his colleagues. He willingly listens to any issues a coworker may be having, and is quick to offer a helpful suggestion or strategy. He has gone with students to the hospital when they needed emergency care, taken on extra responsibility when events have necessitated it, and worked to maintain a safe and positive atmosphere for the students under his care. He has stayed late and come in early to ensure that his students have the support necessary. He has taught dozens of young people everyday life skills, and made them feel valued and important. Brant has touched numerous lives and shown every one of them that they are cared for.

Congratulations, Brant, on your award nomination!


* The Albert E. Trieschman Memorial Award for Exceptional Direct Service to Children is intended to acknowledge superior direct service contributions to special needs children by a clinician, specialist or child care worker whose performance and achievement reflect the high principles of the profession and the Association as set forth in the ethical and professional standards of maaps and as required by the complex demands associated with serving special needs children.

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