Staff Spotlight: Honoring Amie Gould, maaps award nominee (Part 5)

Several Latham School teachers were recently nominated for the Excellence in Teaching Award given annually by the Massachusetts Association of 766 Approved Private Schools (maaps). The award acknowledges superior teaching contributions to special needs children by a classroom teacher whose performance and achievement reflects the high principles of the profession and the Association. Many of our teachers were nominated for their excellence in teaching and supporting our students. Here is an excerpt from Latham educator Amie Gould’s award nomination:

“Amie Gould has been a member of our Latham community for many years. She has held a few positions on campus, and is currently the teacher in our Brewster Falls classroom. Amie is an amazing advocate and compassionate coworker. Amie is always advocating for her students’ needs and constantly thinking outside-the-box! She strives to ensure that her students feel safe, supported, and cared about. Amie listens to each of her students attentively, and respects their thoughts, opinions and ideas. She is exceptional at relationships with collaterals and family members, and represents Latham wonderfully at all meetings and outside opportunities.

Amie continues to be one of Latham’s most successful teachers. She is committed to teaching her curriculum and finding materials to use for every topic she teaches. Amie diversifies her curriculum to meet the needs of each student, which varies extensively in her classroom. She always strives to ensure that each student’s needs are met, and she has amazing relationships with each and every one of her students in her class. Students in other classes ask to be moved to her classroom due to the environment she instills in there — we are so thankful to have Amie on our team! She truly epitomizes this award.”

Congratulations, Amie, on your award nomination!

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