Staff Spotlight: Danny Anderson’s heartwarming career change

Special Education Aide Danny Anderson’s career has evolved from food services to human services, and those who know him at Latham Centers can’t imagine a better fit. Danny often expresses how much he loves working in Children’s Services, and the students and staff at Latham are grateful he found his way here.

“In 2015, I was working at a local restaurant and was approached with an offer to join the kitchen staff at a school in Brewster I hadn’t heard of. The more I heard about Latham, the more I wanted to work there; it sounded like a nice place to work,” Danny said.He applied for the cook position and was soon hired to join the kitchen team. Danny said that while working in the Latham School kitchen, he began to think about working more directly with the students. “I watched from the kitchen window as the school and residential staff helped the kids with exercise and recreation, taught manners, and nurtured students through difficult emotions. I realized that I was meant to be working directly with the kids.”

Danny sent a letter of intent to HR Representative Betty Gray requesting a transfer to an open position in direct support. “The next step in my Latham journey began,” he said. He was welcomed to the Children’s Residential Team in 2016, and in 2017, he joined the Children’s Education Team. “Working in Children’s Services has changed my life. The students teach me something every day. They make me smile every day. We have some very unique and wonderful children who attend Latham. They make it easy for me to put aside things in my own life and give them my full attention.”

Danny’s good nature and positivity gives everyone around him a lift. Day Supervisor Kristi Dolbec described him as a one-of-a-kind all-star staff. “It is clear that Danny’s priority is the overall well-being and development of each student,” Kristi said. “On any given day, you can walk across the campus and spot him engaging in fun activities with the students. Most of all, Danny brings creativity and joy to life at Latham!”

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