Staff Spotlight: Danielle Kinder, 2021 William McClennan Award Recipient

Congratulations to Danielle Kinder, who was surprised with the William McClennan Award at Latham Centers’ Annual Staff Awards Ceremony last month. Kristina Law presented the award in an all-staff celebration via Zoom:

“I am so happy to be presenting the William McClennan Award to Daniele Kinder! I don’t even know where to begin. The list of accomplishments in her 15-plus years here is endless. It has been an honor and a privilege to work alongside her for all this time.

From Danielle’s start as an Awake Overnight Child Care Worker in the Children’s Program to a Residential Counselor in the Children’s and then Adult Programs, on to Adult Management, a few years in the Scheduling Department, and most recently jumping into the Training Department – she has literally done EVERYTHING!

She has been so many things to all of us along the way, from a co-worker to a mentor to a consistent staff with a smile for our students and clients. She is a friend and someone with endless amounts of advice mixed with a sprinkle of sarcasm. She has always gone above and beyond. And in this last year and a half, she has somehow pushed that even further. She has worked endlessly to maintain what seems to be an impossible schedule, she jumps onto the floor when we are in a pinch, she has picked up countless hours of direct care to make sure houses were staffed and safe and the clients were happy, and so much more here at Latham Centers.

Thank you so much, Danielle, for all you have done. Latham is so, so lucky to have you.”


About the award: William (“Bill”) McClennan was a friend and supporter of Latham Centers for more than 12 years before his death in 2010. He worked in development and fundraising, professionally and as a volunteer, for most of his 93 years. More than 30 foundations have donated to Latham Centers because of the efforts and expertise of Mr. McClennan. Bill had a gift for remembering everyone he met, and often recalled people and adventures he had in fundraising over the decades. His “pet” project at Latham Centers was the introduction of two miniature donkeys, Angus and Moonbeam, as part of a therapeutic program called Asinotherapy. He single-handedly organized a fundraiser for the donkeys, arranged for their procurement, and recruited volunteers for a barn-raising. Bill McClennan was an amazing man and an inspiration to everyone he met. Latham staff nominated many colleagues for this award — Staff Spotlight Series: Latham’s 2021 Staff Awards (Part 1) – Latham Centers – two additional McClennan award spotlights will follow in upcoming blog posts.

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