Staff Spotlight: Clinicians Melissa and Maria share reflections on tight-knit team

Two more of our clinicians provide us with a glimpse of their roles here at Latham Centers, following up last week’s blog post introducing our incredible Social Services team. Our final spotlight on social services will be tomorrow, featuring the reflections of Clinician Beth Conway.

  • Melissa Hyer-Mitchell, MA, LMHC, Lead Clinician: “The best part of being a part of this team is that we are such a strong, tight-knit team. Being able to consult with one another, collaborate and have one another for support is such a rare and amazing opportunity to have as a clinician. We also make time for FUN as a team and can let go and be silly with one another which is so important!” Melissa began working at Latham in 1998 as a substitute. Her career growth in the Children’s Program included positions in residential services – from direct support professional to residential supervisor, transitional supervisor, then overnight supervisor. She left briefly after graduate school and returned to Latham in 2012 as a Clinician, moving into her current position of Lead Clinician in July 2018. “In total, I have actively worked at Latham for 15 years!”

  • Maria Perillo, Clinician: Maria came to Latham in April and said the diversity in our student population makes it an interesting place to work. “The best part of being on the social services team here is the wide-ranging backgrounds of our clinical team. We share a common bond in our efforts to promote growth and maturity in our students, but each of us has a different perspective because of our varied backgrounds and unique clinical views.”

Latham Centers is currently hiring one more clinician to join the Children’s Services team. Maria said prospective clinical team members should have an awareness of the intensity of the students’ needs, and of the diversity in our student body – in age, cultural background, and disability status. Melissa has some words of wisdom for candidates: “Be yourself! As human services professionals, our greatest strength and skill is being our genuine selves.”


Pictured in the Social Services team meeting photo: (clockwise from far end) Brynn Cooper, Bill Greenwood, Melissa Hyer-Mitchell, Judy Skolnick, Beth Conway, Samantha Cronin, and Maria Perillo.

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