Staff Spotlight: Children’s Education Team members earn Staff of the Month Award

Our Children’s Services Staff of the Month Award recipients for May are Curtis Green, Special Education Aide, and Craig Thatcher, One to One Counselor. Both Curtis and Craig are part of Latham’s Education team, and both were recognized for their excellent teamwork and dedication to our students.

Curtis was described by a peer as “flawlessly” working together with the classroom teacher “to maintain a classroom that is efficient, caring, and full of amazing lessons and opportunities for the kiddos.” He was praised for being “a constant support for every student in Marconi – and our rock!” Curtis helps keep students active outdoors, and he is always quick to respond to student and staff needs. He does this day in and day out with a smile, staff members said. In a letter of congratulations to Curtis, Director of Education Brittni Kliment said, “Your co-workers have recognized you for your teamwork and the consistency you provide to your classroom. You are responsive, caring, and understanding of your students’ needs and are always willing to help your co-workers with a smile.”

Craig was selected for the award for continuously providing outstanding support to his assigned student, and for his flexibility, calm demeanor, and consistency. One colleague said, “Thank you for being you!” – while another commented on his “amazing support across shifts.” Another staff member recommended Craig for the award because of his commitment to his assigned student, noting, “What a godsend for him. Craig’s actions and words convey to his student, “You ARE worth it, I will NOT give up on you!” Brittni’s letter of congratulations to Craig stated, “Your co-workers continuously recognize you for your consistency, flexibility, and dedication to your 1:1 student. You are a role model for our students and take every day on with calmness and a smile!”

Congratulations, Curtis and Craig, on being named “Staff of the Month” – you are truly appreciated by our Latham community!


Pictured: Curtis Green (left) and Craig Thatcher.

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