Staff Spotlight: Celebrating mastery of two award-winning Latham staff members

Today we recognize two Latham staff members who were honored at our 2019 Year End Celebration of Mastery: Heather Antrim from our Children’s Nursing Team, and Patricia B. from our Finance Team.

Heather Antrim earned the Roy T. Morgan Award, which is awarded to staff and supervisors who have made a significant contribution to the work of Latham Centers and the children and adults we serve. Director of Nursing Bonnie White presented the award:

“Heather is receiving this award for her dedication to Latham and the children we care for. As the senior medical assistant, and throughout this year the only medical assistant, she keeps us organized and on top of the appointments for our students. She keeps our medical records organized, schedules and takes students on appointments, and multiple other things that are too numerous to list. Heather has gladly trained our medical assistants and will be doing so again soon as we add new staff to our department. She continuously assists across all areas of our program. She jumps into issues without hesitation, constantly looking out for the safety of both our staff and students. Heather’s ability and willingness to work with every department promotes teamwork across the agency… All of this done with a smile! Congratulations, Heather, and thank you for everything!”

Patricia earned the William McClennan Award for exceptional service. The McClennan Award recognizes outstanding contributions by support and administrative staff who assist the direct care staff in our Children’s and Adult Services Programs. Controller Meredith Morgan presented the award:

“I am pleased to give Patricia the William McClennan award for this year. Patricia is an important member of the Finance group. She keeps the cash coming so that we can pay all the bills. She is also responsible for submitting billing and collecting payment for all tuition and program fees and has come up with some creative ideas to help with cash flows when state approvals are delayed. Patricia is great at her job as Accounts Receivable Specialist – always striving for excellence – but she’s also a pleasure to work with. She is kind, generous, and caring, and we are grateful to have her as a member of the Finance Team. Once again, congratulations, Patricia!”

Pictured: Some of our presenters are shown here in a moment of applause at our June 21st celebration under the tent at our Brewster campus. (Photos of Patricia and Heather are not available).

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