Staff Spotlight: features Latham School intern Matthew O’Sullivan

Latham School’s summer intern Matthew O’Sullivan was featured in’s “Summer Intern Chronicles” this morning. Latham Centers is fortunate to place college students in a variety of summer internships. Matthew is one of three of our current Children’s Services interns. His reflections quoted from follow:

My name is Matthew O’Sullivan, from Milton, Mass., and I am a recent graduate of Westfield State University with a degree in Elementary Education. This summer I am interning at Latham Centers’ Children’s Campus in Brewster, working alongside teachers and administrators learning more about the school and how I can best meet the needs of my students. My goal as a teacher is to learn how I can best accommodate the needs of my students and I know working at Latham I will learn how best to do that.

At this point, I have not been at Latham for a long time, but I can already tell I am going to learn a lot and gain great experience from this great opportunity. From the few short weeks I have been at Latham, I have already made great connections with the other staff, and learned a lot from them I would not have been able to learn anywhere else. One big thing that I have learned that no education class could teach me is how to make real connections with your students and how important it really is to create those bonds with them.

For the summer, I am living at my cousin’s house in Hyannis. I plan to gain a lot of experience from work, but I am also enjoying the fact that I am on Cape Cod for the summer. Outside of work, I plan to explore new beaches all over the Cape with friends, while also creating new friends and creating lifelong memories.

One piece of advice I would give another college student who is seeking an internship is not to just pick any internship but pick one you will enjoy and get the most out of. When selecting your internship, take a look at if it is something you may be interested in, what you will get out of it, and if you will enjoy the people you will be with. Be smart with picking your internship – try not to only look at the ones that pay the most or even pay at all; keep your mind open and look for what will work best for you. You do not have to hate your job or be bored at it—there are options out there for work that can make you enjoy going to work and what you do there. Latham Centers has shown me that I can make a difference and love what I do.

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