Staff Spotlight: Assistant Principal Matt O’Sullivan praises “this great Latham team”


In today’s spotlight, we introduce Matthew O’Sullivan, one of six recently promoted Latham Centers team leaders. (Turn up the volume and listen to his words about working at Latham Centers here): 

Matt started at Latham as a summer intern in our Children’s Program. “It was a great opportunity, and I loved the job,” he said. “Then I graduated with a degree in education, so when a position opened up, I immediately applied… and luckily, I became the teacher in the Long Pond Classroom.” When Matt saw an opportunity to further grow his career, he applied for – and was promoted to – the Assistant Principal position. “And that’s where I am now, working as part of this great Latham team.”

Matt is happy to be on this journey, learning and growing alongside staff and students. “Latham is a wonderful, unique place to work, and I enjoy coming to work every day.” Matt said he is grateful to his Latham colleagues and students, noting that perks of his job include “the great staff that’s here helping support you, and watching the kids grow and change.” What makes him want to come to work each day is “seeing those kids get up every day with smiles on their faces… greeting my co-workers and just having a good, fun day. Even through the stressful, hard ones, it’s still a great place to work.”


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