Staff Spotlight: Adult Services Assistant Director Benjamin Mundy motivates and empowers

Ben Mundy joined the Adult Services team at Latham just a few months ago, but he has quickly taken on a motivator role for his colleagues. Like many staff members, Ben enjoys the vibrant atmosphere at Latham – no two days are alike! “I like to be challenged, I enjoy challenging others, and I enjoy working together to meet our challenges,” he commented. Ben has many years of experience in the human services industry, and he has the gift crucial for success here at Latham: he cares.

Ben’s human services career spans over 12 years, and he grew up in a home that provided respite care and took in foster children. He has a deep appreciation for those who choose the non-profit human service profession. “This field is demanding of us on every level – physically, emotionally, spiritually, and in some cases, financially,” Ben said. “Many people give up lucrative positions in the for-profit world to work in a field that demands the very best of us every day. People in this field frequently put their own health and well-being aside in the interest of serving our individuals. What motivates me is the challenge of helping people stay motivated to do this rewarding work. It can seem trite to repeat how important this work is, but it’s the truth. We deal with people’s lives here. Every action we take has the potential to improve the moments that make up each day for the individuals we support. That cannot be overstated. In my new role here, I want to be part of the structure that supports and empowers that work.”

Our assistant program director shares the following advice with new and prospective staff members: slow things down. “It is important to learn the correct way to do something, and to learn how to say, ‘Can we slow down for just a minute? I want to make sure that I’m getting this right.’ That is an important skill, and not an easy one to learn.”

We’re thrilled that Ben moved to Cape Cod to join Latham Centers in this leadership role.

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