Staff Recognition: Congratulations, Chevaughn S and Emily H!


The Staff of the Month for September were announced at our Children’s Program’s October Community Meeting. Our staff nominate ‘Staff of the Month’ who have gone above and beyond. Whether it be working with the students or supporting their colleagues, nominees selected are hardworking, caring, and exemplify Latham’s core values. In September, our Children’s Program staff selected Chevaughn Simpson, Emily Hallock, Heather Anderson, and Gabrielle Siani. We’ll highlight all four in a two-part blog series.

Today we thank Emily Hallock, RN, Medical Infection Prevention/Control Coordinator, and Chevaughn Simpson, Substitute, Residential, and Overnight Staff. Both students and staff had amazing things to say about them:

    • Emily goes above and beyond for not only the students at Latham but also for staff. Emily is always willing to offer a supporting hand to those around her and would do anything to help out her students and coworkers. We would be lost without Emily!

    • Emily always makes things happen! Despite the amount of work that she has on her own plate, she consistently finds ways to help her co-workers without hesitation. She is thoughtful, kind, and shows compassion for the work that she does.

    • Emily Hallock is a fantastic nurse. She is great with all the kids and great with all the staff, and it is wonderful seeing her every day.

    • HI EMILY! I just want to say thanks for saving everybody’s life and for being a nurse.

    • I want to thank Emily Hallock for always having a great smile on her face and helping with our COVID stuff.

    • Emily you are so deserving of this award, not only for the type of person you are around the kids – for being so helpful and making sure that they stay safe, but also having us staff’s backs, and always helping out when we need you the most.

    • Emily is one of our great nurses here at Latham. She is super helpful, always positive, and we are so lucky to have her.

    • Chevaughn is a great overnight. He comes in before the overnight shift, earlier, to help out in Res, and he is always a good overnight that helps everyone out every night with their routines so we are on time.

    • Congratulations to Chevaughn, he does a great job.

    • Chevaughn, I always like how you come in early to do shifts and stuff for Mayflower. I always like talking to you.

    • HI CHEVAUGHN, I really like having you as a staff!

    • Chevaughn is a total go-getter! He handles difficult situations with ease and does whatever it takes to get the job done.

    • Thank you, Chevaughn, for coming in early and helping out with the staff and coming in for overnights.

    • Chevaughn is a great staff!


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